About us



Our vision is to create a world where new music and sound prospers, transforming lives, challenging expectations, and celebrating the work of its creators.

We support a diverse range of talented composers to develop their work; we help audiences to discover and experience new music; and we enable children and young people to explore their musical creativity. We strive for a world in which more people of all ages and from all backgrounds have more opportunities to access, create and enjoy new music.

There are limited opportunities for composers and music creators to develop their compositional and professional skills and voices, so we work across the country to create a sustainable ecology of support, networks, and opportunities. We have led the way in the sector in championing composers and artists from under-represented backgrounds, and in removing barriers to accessing opportunity (for example, through the ground-breaking Fair Access Principles).

It’s important to us that a wide range of artists feel that our work is relevant to them, and we know that there are many routes to becoming a composer and creating exciting new and innovative music and sound. We are working to challenge outdated perceptions and to reflect all those composing and creating their own music across the UK today. When we use the term ‘composer’, it can describe any individual who creates new work using sound or music, whether they perform it themselves or write for others — and whether they work with software, with notes on paper, through improvisation, or in other ways.

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